Last Updated: 31/01/2020 (Version 0.1.0)
With regards to the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (PGA):

All games available on the Gamesapp platform where users can participate with real money are 'Games of Skill'. Gamesapp does not support, endorse or offer 'games of chance' for real money rewards. While 'Games of Skill' do not have a comprehensive definition, they are those games where the impact of a player's effort and skill on the outcome of a game is the dominant factor over luck or chance.

Gamesapp has clearly defined rules. Users are encouraged to follow, understand and read these rules to be successful and earn money in Gamesapp's games.

The games, which can be participated with real money, hosted on the Gamesapp platform are 'Games of Skills', such that the outcome / success in the games is directly dependent on the user's effort, performance and skill. By choosing how to play, the actions of users shall have a direct impact on the game.

Every game will have some elements of chance, but in the form of challenges or obstacles that a user would be able to overcome using his/her skills and knowledge of the game. Elements of luck are present in every game to add thrill and excitement, but no two attempts at a game are identical so users must use their skills in order to be successful.

Since the games available on the Gamesapp platform can be won through users' skills and such skills may be enhanced with practice and experience, the performance of a User may improve with time and practice.

the performance of a User may improve with time and practice.Different games will reward different skills, but each game will reward certain skills, such as knowledge of the game, familiarity with rules, experience, reflexes, experience, practice, hand-eye coordination etc.

Certain games may have pre-determined outcomes and these outcomes are achievable by users using their skills.